“Maison” SAFECO

History of a “Maison”

In the 1990s, Safeco spezialices in the creation of woven jacquards for the Home furnishings industry.

In the village of Gillonay, located in the Isère department, Rajai SAFADI is in command of his weaving-looms plant and his Mill and plays the director of the orchestra. Meanwhile his son Ezzat is in Marseille, dedicated to the commercial development of the company.

Weavers of damask Jacquards at their beginning, the two men do not hesitate to quickly upgrade their Mill and products. Their collections become rich in pique’s and colored dyed yarn cloths, in warp and weft.

In 2011, Alexandre joins his father Ezzat in the company which previously moved headquarters from Marseille to Saint-Cannat in Provence. The range of products then grows again, from the shimmering woven Jacquards to the trendy prints and up-to-date ready-made products.

More than 3000 references are sold around the globe, presented each year at Heimtextil Show in Frankfurt.



Our “savoir-faire”

SAFECO owns its weaving Mill “Tissage Safadi Rhodanien”, its dyeing/finishing facility and its design studio.

Its weaving mill, consisting of 50 looms, allows the production of French made Jacquard fabrics and perpetuates a domestic “savoir-faire” fiercely preserved.

The design studio in Saint-Cannat is composed of textile designers, yarn especialists and colorists. Patterns, textures, glittering yarns, mixed linen, embroidered effects; all is invented here, crafted, declined to give life to a desire, a trend, a unique look!

Weaving and design studio are in close collaboration and allow the flexibility and responsiveness that make SAFECO the inevitable ‘French Weaver” French weaver, what else?